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BamTools::BamAlignmentThe main BAM alignment data structure
BamTools::BamIndexProvides methods for generating & loading BAM index files
BamTools::BamMultiReaderConvenience class for reading multiple BAM files
BamTools::BamReaderProvides read access to BAM files
BamTools::BamRegionRepresents a sequential genomic region
BamTools::BamWriterProvides write access for generating BAM files
BamTools::Algorithms::Sort::ByNameFunction object for comparing alignments by name
BamTools::Algorithms::Sort::ByPositionFunction object for comparing alignments by position
BamTools::Algorithms::Sort::ByTag< T >Function object for comparing alignments by tag value
BamTools::CigarOpRepresents a CIGAR alignment operation
BamTools::RefDataRepresents a reference sequence entry
BamTools::SamHeaderRepresents the SAM-formatted text header that is part of the BAM file header
BamTools::SamProgramRepresents a SAM program record
BamTools::SamProgramChainSorted container "chain" of SamProgram records
BamTools::SamReadGroupRepresents a SAM read group entry
BamTools::SamReadGroupDictionaryContainer of SamReadGroup entries
BamTools::SamSequenceRepresents a SAM sequence entry
BamTools::SamSequenceDictionaryContainer of SamSequence entries
BamTools::Algorithms::SortProvides classes & methods related to sorting BamAlignments
BamTools::Algorithms::Sort::UnsortedPlaceholder function object
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